*Note to readers: I wrote this up a while ago, but never got around to posting it.  After stumbling upon it, I had to post….better late than never, right? 

It’s been whole two (now SIX) months since Derek and I tied the knot.  Every time I catch myself daydreaming about that day (which is a lot), I cannot help but bubble over with happiness.  I replay the smiles, hugs, laughs, and looks of excitement on family and friend’s faces.  I remember the meaning and importance of what a wedding signifies.  I relive all the emotions that whirled through my head that day (which was a lot).  I reminisce on all the memories that were squeezed and packed-like-a-sardine into 24 hours!

I never want to forget those little (and big) moments.  So those little (and big) memories are what I’m writing about today.  To avoid writing a novel, I am going to use the best invention since sliced bread: bullet points!

Wedding Memories:

  • My mama’s morning prayer before eating yummy cinnamon rolls from Auntie Nancy.
  • The extra thought and care from the owner of the Salon – how sweet!
  • The preparation and thoughtfulness of Cassandra and Tammy as they set up the studio for the gals to get ready.
  • Seeing Derek for the first time (hubba hubba!).
  • The BEAUTIFUL peonies – all from the gardens of family friends & church family!
  • Trying to keep it together with my dad – the first time I saw him, during his speech, the dance, well… pretty much the whole day.
  • How TIRED my arm was from holding my bouquet in front of church.  I was not afraid I would faint, but I was afraid my weakling arm couldn’t hold onto my beautiful flowers for the whole service.
  • Skip’s prayer, with all our bridesmaids and groomsman surrounding us, before the ceremony.
  • Pastor Jeff’s message and oh, so fitting analogy!
  • Our guests!  Someone commented, “When my kid gets married, I’m requesting a copy of your guest list.  What a fun group of people!”
  • All the “Computer Electrical Engineer Touches” ie: snapchat filter, live Instagram feed, and a phone charging station.
  • The reception decorators aka Mom, Kass, Tammy, Gayle, bridesmaids, and more!
  • Alaina’s impromptu speech.  I think it went something like: “I’m Alaina.  I’m the flower girl.  And I love to be the flower girl. And, then, I like to be at Derek’s wedding!”
  • Jamison’s skit – I laughed the WHOLE way through.
  • Sistas, Bros, Cousins, and Cowboy Matt William’s lipsinc – how brave!
  • The moving, shaking, and hopping I witnessed and participated in.  I think most people call that dancing (;
  • Seeing the faces of college friends when they heard the word “Taco Bell”
  • Our parents’ prayer before we left.
  • Reliving and replaying the day with Derek, BEAMING with Excitement, on our two-hour drive to Chicago that night.  Loved it!

…Okay, this is very quickly turning into a book.  All these things and PEOPLE, with a bagillion others, made the day absolutely perfect.  People often say their wedding day is the best day of their lives.  I’m getting on that train and agreeing.  June 11, 2016, the day I married Derek, was the Best Day EVAH!

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