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The End of an Era.

My college career has come to an end. Dunzo. Complete. Finished. Over. Concluded. Accomplished. Done. (I guess if I didn’t learn anything else, I at least became a very skilled synonym generator!)

Let’s take it back a little bit: 3.5 years ago, I entered college as a petrified little 18-year-older. I cried (bawled may be the more accurate word in this situation) when my parents dropped me off. What major should I choose? Can I be away from my family for this long? Will I make good friends? Are there even any Packer fans here?!

bwfriendsRest assured! All of these questions, and a gillion others, were answered. I survived homesickness, cafeteria food (specifically ham), maddening APA style, seemingly endless 3-hour night classes, and being packed tighter than sardines in a 10×10 room.

busBut, oh…Has it been worth it! I completed my degree (hooray!). I’ve been encouraged by the best professors, pushed by my peers and classmates, challenged and grown in my faith, and have formed friendships that will last a lifetime. I’ve been through the Taco Bell drive-though an unhealthy amount, co-starred in 3 dorm-made music videos (yikes), and have accumulated an uncanny amount of nicknames along the way.

College is a cool place, peeps. Leaving is so bittersweet. I entered college with tears, and today I left with tears, too! Thanks for the memories, Trin!

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  • Rachel Smits

    You are loved Joeli! 🙂 Thanks for reminding me to enjoy the rest of my college days! 🙂