Summer is HERE!

I’ve quickly learned that writing a blog post is more fun at school than it is at home.  It is the perfect tool for procrastination; and with nothing to procrastinate, I haven’t done any blogging!  This coming week, I will start a summer class and hopefully I’ll be able to get back on becoming a consistent procrastinator. (;

I have been home just over 3 weeks (could it be that long already?!), and have been loving every second of sweet, sweet summertime.

The first week was spent at home, taking care of a sick little Alaina and her friend Cora.  Laina is always so snuggly and cuddly when she is sick, so naturally, I took full advantage of that.  However, maybe a little too much…because guess who got sick next?  Yours Truly.  Embarrassingly, I then proceeded to get Derek sick, and then maybe even some of his family too.  Whoops, very VERY sorry, DeYoung fam.  Shoulda stayed home like my mom told me too!


Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 12.08.12 PM

My second week back, I started my summer job/internship at Excel Engineering, Inc. helping out the Project Assistants.  I worked at Excel last summer and over Christmas break too.  Excel is full of so many wonderful people, they make it fun to come back to work each day.  Plus, lots of the employees bring birthday treats in…baked goods, Cinnamon Crunch Panera Bagel, Dilly Bars, and a Bear Claw donut…Calorie Central, but YUM.  My first day back at work I left early for a Brewer game with the Dad and Mom, Jay, and Derek.  The weather was great, and (surprisingly) the Brew Crew pulled out a win!  AND, we were on the Jumbotron not one, not twice, but three times!


This past weekend, I was able to celebrate Christ’s love by celebrating my friend Allison and her marriage to Tanner.  The wedding and reception were both outside and we were blessed to have absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather.  Both the bride, and the entire day, were absolutely gorgeous!  It was a blast to see my Trin friends again to catch up, eat and drink up, and dance it up!  Best night of the summer thus far!!  Congrats, Al and Tan!


IMG_1251 IMG_1282 IMG_1199IMG_2424IMG_1064IMG_1276

And finally, this afternoon, we took a walk at the Horicon Marsh…something we’re hoping is a weekly occurance!IMG_1326

IMG_1349 IMG_1334

Until it is time to procrastinate once again…keep it real peeps!

  • Rachel Smits

    YAY! Thanks for sharing Jo! 🙂