September is almost over and I haven’t blogged…not even once!  I’ve only got a few hours left before the end of the month, so I better go quick!  Here is a recap on Joeli’s September.

School – I’m back in the full swing of school.  As non-exciting as that sounds, I must say, I am really enjoying my coursework this year.  I’m taking a few Business courses, a Psychology class, and an elective.  My favorite class is Theology 432 – Major World Religions.  I feel like I have learned SO much already and we are only a few weeks in.  So far, we’ve specifically looked at Judaism and Islam.  Through studying these religions, I’ve been made so aware of how blessed I am to have been raised in a Christian home.  I am so thankful for parents, family, and peers who have helped to guide me to the “Way, the Truth, and the Light.”

Roomies – A big change from last year was moving from off-campus housing back to the dorms.  I’ll be honest and admit it was something I wasn’t too excited about…but I should have been.  I am living in apartment style housing—which makes it feel a little less “dorm-y” than I’d imagined.  The closeness to classes is awesome—an extra ten minutes of sleeping in each day!  But the best part?  My roommates!  In the little over a month we’ve lived together, the five of us have made so many memories together and strengthened our friend-y bonds.  As Courtney would say it, “Sometimes I just want to cry thinking about how much I love you girls!”  Well said, girl…well said.

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Derek – I got to see Derek way back on Labor Day weekend.  It was fun, but so long ago I can hardly remember!  I was planning on visiting him this past weekend, but instead was stricken down by the worst sickness I’ve had in my life (S/O to my roommates for taking such good care of me..told you they’re great!).  Derek and I got to meet halfway for supper and an afternoon on the dunes a few weeks ago, too.  It was a wonderful, wonderful day!  Hopefully, I’ll get to see him this coming weekend, just need to find a ride to the beloved “Promise Land” aka Western Michigan.  I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE HIM!!!!!!!!!

Wiscaaaansin – Last weekend I traveled back to Wisconsin to spend time at home.  I love home.  Alaina and I had a sleepover both nights (sistas!!), and I cannot wait to go back again for Fall Reading Break.  I’ll get to see my family, MOH, and enjoy some time at home!  It will come at a good time, because I need to swap out for my fall sweaters and scarves!  8 days and counting!

That’s my September summed up pretty quickly.  It’s been one filled with community, and I am so thankful for that.  “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Psalm 133:1

Have a wonderful October! (I promise I’ll post more than once!)



  • Rachel Smits

    Hope you are feeling 100% better! 🙂 Thanks for blogging! 🙂