In order to answer that for ya’ll, I’ve decided to use a little project that my parents (both are 4th grade teachers) use with their students. Here it goes!

To Be Joeli, you must:

Like:  finding killer deals on the clearance rack

Not Mind: being a poor, cheap college student

Like: the taste of ANYTHING dark chocolate and mint

Not Mind: an occasional trip to Dr. Brooks, DDS

Like: sharing laughs with my darling family (extended family you are included, too!)

Not Mind: being beat up by my not-so-little brother

Like: holding hands with my dream-guy

Not Mind: a few years of a long-distance relationship

Like: staring into the almond-shaped eyes of a surprise little sister

Not Mind: my favorite peanut crawling in my bed and waking me up too early on Saturday mornings

and LOVE the daily renewing love and grace of Christ my Savior!