A Wonderful Week.

Highlights from my week:

Monday: It was an eventful night for a Monday, if I do say so myself! My housemates and I celebrated our friend, Estelle’s birthday. The night consisted of a wide array of song choices (courtesy of the stranger who left TEN CREDITS before us on the jukebox…what a good soul) at Trio’s Bar and Grill, and also free cheesey fries from a creepy Polish/Croatian man at Windy City Subs…Happy Birthday Estelle!

Tuesday: Tuesday morning I woke up to find blisters on a wall of our house. You read that right folks…blisters. Over the weekend we got blasted with over a foot of snow. Apparently, our roof didn’t like that. The water seeped in between the wall and the paint, causing massive bubbles, AKA blisters, on our wall and ceiling. My housemate, Taylor, and I had the privilege of popping and draining them before calling the landlord for further assistance! They got it all taken care of, but we were out of Internet for the night (the router had to be unplugged as it was in the danger zone). Therefore, my night was spent at the Wi-Fi abundant library! I snuck out, not long after becoming bored from my homework, and found Swing Dance lessons that were on campus. I learned a few basic steps, including a spin! So thank you, wall blisters, for allowing me to further enhance my killer dancing moves.

Wednesday: The highlight of my Wednesday is easy to peg: All God’s People. This is a fairly new organization that works to help low-income families that are from the Chicago-land area. A sweet lady that I work with got me connected with this organization. The woman who runs it, Doreen, started this by simply bringing food and clothes to downtown Chicago on Sunday afternoons.  It has now grown into so much more!  Another part of the ministry is tutoring.  Doreen picks up the family from the train and brings them to her newly purchased warehouse. Here, they are fed a home-cooked meal, the kids get tutored, and they help sort through and organize loads of donated clothes and food. I was able to substitute tutor for a honey of a little girl and her cousins too. I loved every second I was there! On my way home I called Derek and the first thing he said was, “I knew you had that teacher blood in ya!”  Check out more about this wonderful ministry at http://allgodspeoplechicago.org/.

Thursday: Busy, busy Thursday. Here at school, I work two jobs: in the Admissions and the Alumni Office. It’s nice having on-campus jobs, because they fit in really nicely with my class schedule. So quite uninterestingly, my day was filled with work, classes, more work, and night class. Squeezed in between all that excitement (sarcasm), was a charming supper date with friends, Noelle and Allison—and it was the perfect, refreshing break from my busy day!

Friday: Trinity put on its annual Black Light Dance. “What is that?” you may ask. I would answer, “Exactly what it sounds like: a Dance under Black Lights.” Sadly, my new moves from Swing Dance on Tuesday night didn’t quite fit the occasion, so I danced like a typical, basic, white girl: bad. Aside from my “try-clap-with-the beat-to-look-less-awkward” dance moves, the event was stellar!

Saturday: MY MOM AND SISTER CAME! My wonderful Aunt Nancy and Uncle Dan drove down with Bethie’s Grandpa and Grandma Smits, and lugged along my mom and Laina! We did a lot of visiting, tickling (clarification: I was the tickler and Alaina was the recipient, no other individuals previously mentioned participated in the tickling), and just hanging out. My mom and Laina took Taylor, Jori, and myself out to eat delicious pizza, with not so delicious service. We waited 45+ minutes for pizza and watched our waitress take a digger…poor girl.

Sunday: Alaina woke up in Joeli’s bed (sister sleepova!) at the butt crack of dawn per usual. After much coaxing and debating, we convinced her that it would not be the greatest idea to wake up the other members of the house until after a decent time. I taught Alaina the yoga pose downward dog with an arm lift. She rocked it and was quite proud of herself. Then we headed to church to hear a great message from Jesus’s parables in Mark 4. Next, we all walked to Lumes and had the most delightful brunch! After a cheery walk back, it was time to say goodbye. It was a good weekend (and week), to say the least (-:


  • Robin Heuver

    Did your mom stay over night as well?

    • Joeli Heuver

      Yes, Robin–she did! And thanks, Rachie!

      • Robin Heuver

        ok. I guess I should have looked at all the pictures before I as you a really stupid question

  • Rachel Smits

    I loved it! 🙂 I am so glad that my parents could bring your sissy and your mom! 🙂 Glad that your week was wonderful. Thanks for writing!

  • Elizabeth Smits

    Those pictures though!!